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  • Chenee Marrapodi

Fiona Palmer: The Long Weekend

In Episode 33 of Writers off the Page, Fiona Palmer chats about her latest novel, The Long Weekend, the benefits of writing retreats and how to make plotting work for you.

Fiona Palmer splits her time between writing, working as a farmhand and caring for two children in the tiny rural town of Pingaring.

Her latest novel, The Long Weekend, was inspired by the writing retreats Fiona takes with her own writing buddies.

It's the story of four strangers who come together for a writing workshop with bestselling author Jan Goldstein. But along with their laptops and notepads, these strangers each bring with them a lot of emotional baggage.

Fiona is a thorough plotter, and in this week's episode shares her tips on how you can make plotting work for you.

Fiona credits the Australian Society of Authors Mentorship competition for helping her get off the ground. Entries are currently open for the 2022 Mentorship program. For more details, visit:


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