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Breaking Pointe

Coming July 2024

Amelia loves ballet more than anything, but the sudden arrival of an intense new teacher shifts the Academy focus from classical to contemporary dance. Amelia is out of her depth with the edgy choreography and unsettled by its world-ending theme, especially when a shock diagnosis really might bring her life crashing down.

Valentina is completely at home with the new style but has troubles off the dance floor. As she desperately strives to secure a scholarship and save her dance career, money problems and an unexpected romance have her in a complete spin.

With so much at breaking point, the girls will need to decide what really matters before everything falls apart.

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One Wrong Turn

In the competitive world of ballet, you always need to be on pointe.

Amelia's whole world revolves around ballet. Her sights are set on becoming a professional dancer just like her parents, and she won't let anyone, or anything, get in her way.

But when Valentina arrives from Italy and quickly establishes herself as the new talent, Amelia's spot as the class favourite is in doubt.

While Amelia is solely focused on beating her new rival, Valentina has bigger concerns to juggle – a family who doesn't understand her passion for ballet, and trying to fit in with classmates that just see her as an outsider.

As the two girls vie for the lead role in Cinderella, the pressure intensifies. And one big lie could destroy everything.

Available now from all good bookstores or online.

Other Works


The Dance of the Tired Mum

Flash Fiction

Published in Three Can Keep a Secret

(Night Parrot Press, 2022)

**Please note: while I usually write for children, this anthology is for adults.

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