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Inspiring creativity in kids!

From children’s books to news articles, Chenée loves storytelling in every form! 

Not only that, but she loves sharing her passion with young writers and inspiring them to get creative.

Chenée offers author talks, as well as workshops in creative writing and journalism.

Author talks

In these sessions, Chenée shares her own creative adventure. She talks about her path to becoming an author (including her time as a TV journalist), podcasting, the things that inspire her stories and the process of writing a book.


These sessions are all about unlocking imagination and getting kids excited about writing.

It takes a lot of bravery to write a story and quite often, the hardest part is getting started. Chenée helps kids build their confidence by having fun with words. Her workshops are engaging, interactive and fast paced.


Workshops are tailored to fit the age and needs of each group. Depending on the length of a session, workshops can include a mixture of creative writing and journalism if requested.

Creative Writing Workshops

Suitable for Grades 3-12



  • Growing an idea

  • Story structure and plot

  • Bringing characters to life

  • Getting messy with a first draft (and how to tidy it up in edits!)

Journalism Workshops

Suitable for Grades 4-12



  • Sniffing out a good story

  • Interview techniques

  • How to write a news article

  • How to write a review (Books, movies, games and more!)

Chenée’s rates are based on the Australian Society of Authors’ recommended minimums.

For a quote, please contact Chenée.


NB: I am triple vaxxed against COVID-19 and have a valid Working with Children Check


"From ballerina to journalist to author, Chenée Marrapodi was an absolute gift to our book week.  Our students were engaged from the moment she began sharing her literary journey.  We appreciated that she was down to earth and made her story accessible to our students; with a series of life lessons and advice intertwined.  The message of ‘don’t give up’ was clear and could apply beyond the writing circle.  We loved hearing the story behind writing ‘One Wrong Turn’.  We couldn’t recommend Chenée more!"


“Some of our most talented young writers were involved in a series of workshops, uniquely crafted by Chenée to enhance their writing skills. Our boys absolutely loved the chance to connect with a ‘real-life’ writer. Chenée designed engaging and purposeful learning tasks whilst also weaving in her experiences as both a writer and journalist. The boys were captivated by her industry stories. Her enthusiasm and passion for books brought a wonderful energy into the classroom. The writing tips she shared saw the boys bursting to put their pen to paper and dabble with the messy job of being a writer.  We were thrilled to host Chenée on campus.”


"I loved the writing workshop. My favourite part was just letting ideas flow and getting words on the paper. Also getting to know everyone involved in the workshop was very good for my social skills. Overall, I really enjoyed the writing workshops."


"I liked the short writing bursts most because it made you put words on the paper."


"It was awesome! I finally got a chance to express my ability to write."


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