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  • Chenee Marrapodi

2022 Finale: Podcaster Party

Taking a look back at the year that was in the world of books and publishing...joined by a group of podcasting powerhouses!

What a year it has been… I’ve released more than fifty podcast episodes this year, I signed my book deal, and my middle grade novel One Wrong Turn will be out next year with Fremantle Press, I’ve hosted book launches and writers festivals and I got my first taste of school visits, teaching a series of creative writing and journalism workshops.

What better way to wrap up the year, than a look back at the year that was in book land and to do this, I planned a podcaster party. I have a group of podcasting powerhouses joining me today to celebrate.


Allison Tait (Your Kids Next Read), Dani Vee (Words and Nerds), Joanne Morrell (The Hybrid Author), Nat Amoore (One More Page), Julie Anne Grasso and Pamela Ueckerman (Middle Grade Mavens).


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