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  • Chenee Marrapodi

Alan Carter: Crocodile Tears

Crime writer Alan Carter celebrates his 5th & final Cato Kwong novel, Crocodile Tears, plus his tips for writing believable crime fiction.

Originally from the UK, Alan Carter moved to Australia in 1991. He’s a crime writer, occasional television documentary director, and in his spare time, plunges into the icy Tasmanian waters for fun.

Alan Carter's well known for his award-winning Cato Kwong series, made up of Prime Cut, Getting Warmer, Bad Seed, Heaven Sent and the latest Crocodile Tears.

Crocodile Tears is the fifth and final instalment of the Cato Kwong series. It follows detective Philip ‘Cato’ Kwong as he investigates the death of a retiree

found hacked to pieces in his suburban Perth home. The trail leads to

Timor-Leste, with its recent blood-soaked history. There, Cato reunites with an old frenemy, Rory Driscoll who, in Cato’s experience, has always occupied a hazy moral terrain.

Resourceful, multilingual, and hard as nails, Rory has been Canberra’s go-to guy when things get sticky in the Asia-Pacific. Now Rory wants out. But first he’s needed to chaperone a motley group of whistleblowers with a price on their heads. And there’s one on his, too.


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