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  • Chenee Marrapodi

Carrie Cox: So Many Beats of the Heart

Author and journalist Carrie Cox chats about her latest novel, So Many Beats of the Heart.

Carrie Cox is a senior journalist, author, mum and surfer. Her first novel Afternoons with Harvey Beam was published by Fremantle Press in 2018. She also contributed to the anthology Women of a Certain Rage, and last year was an invited Writer-in-residence at the Katharine Susannah Pritchard Writer’s Centre.

Her brand new book is called So Many Beats of the Heart, which was published by Affirm Press and has just hit the shelves.

After two decades of marriage, Evie Shine's world has come crashing down. Her husband has left her possibly for another woman. He's not saying. Ironically, Evie is a relationship counsellor, but not even she saw it coming.

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