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  • Chenee Marrapodi

Cristy Burne: Science, creativity, adventure and BOOKS!

In this week's episode of Writers off the Page, Children's author Cristy Burne chats about co-authoring and her upcoming release, Wednesday Weeks and the Crown of Destiny, plus her winning tips for last minute Book Week costumes.

Cristy Burne has worked as a science communicator for 20 years and has been an author for more than a decade.

Her books are the perfect mix of science, technology, creativity and adventure. No surprise, kids love them! They include Beneath the Trees, Fiona Wood: Inventor of Spray on Skin, Off the Track, Zeroes and Ones, To the Lighthouse, and more.

Her latest book Wednesday Weeks and the Tower of Shadows was co-authored with Denis Knight. Its sequel, Wednesday Weeks and the Crown of Destiny, will be out in September.

When it comes to writing a first draft, Cristy's number one tip is to write "quick and dirty". She's a firm believer that you shouldn't invest too much time on one project. Find out why in her interview on Writers off the Page.

She also dreads getting the kids ready for the annual Book Week parade. I bet a few parents can relate! If you want her tips for last minute Book Week costume ideas, check out her fantastic blog post here:


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