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  • Chenee Marrapodi

Fleur McDonald: The Voice of the Outback

In episode 24 of the Writers off the Page Podcast, bestselling rural fiction author Fleur McDonald launches her new book, Deception Creek, plus what it takes to write a book and the benefits of getting your manuscript assessed.

Fleur McDonald is the undisputed 'Voice of the Outback'. She grew up in a tiny South Australian town called Orroroo, and later became a jillaroo, moved to Western Australia and bought a farm in Esperance.

Her first novel Red Dust became a bestseller, and since then she’s written a further 17 books, all set in the Aussie outback. The latest is Deception Creek, a rural suspense novel about a returned criminal, a cult-like family and cybercrime, set against the backdrop of the Flinders Ranges

Fleur McDonald is also the founder of a not for profit organisation called DV-Assist, based in the bush to help rural people experiencing domestic violence.


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