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  • Chenee Marrapodi

Inga Simpson: The Last Woman in the World

In Episode 36 of the Writers off the Page podcast, Inga Simpson talks about the competition that launched her writing career, plus her latest book The Last Woman in the World.

Inga Simpson is the author of a number of books for adults and children, including Mr Wigg, Nest, Where the Trees Were, Understory and The Book of Australian Trees. Her novels have been short and longlisted for numerous awards, including the Miles Franklin and Stella Prize. She has also won the Eric Rolls Prize for her nature writing.

Inga’s latest book is The Last Woman in the World, published by Hachette. It looks at how we treat our world and each other - and what it is that might ultimately redeem us.

Inga wrote the first draft of The Last Woman Woman in the World during the 2019 bushfires, during which she was evacuated twice from her home. In the above interview, we talk about motivation, and how to keep going when everything around you is telling you to stop.


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