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  • Chenee Marrapodi

Sue Whiting: Pearly and Pig and the Great Hairy Beast

In Episode 39, multi-award winning author Sue Whiting shares her top tips for writing for children, including how to write across a variety of age groups while keeping the voice authentic. Plus, a sneak peek at her new junior fiction novel, Pearly and Pig and the Great Hairy Beast.

Sue Whiting is an author, editor and writing coach and has worked in the publishing industry for two decades, including as a senior commissioning editor for Walker Books.

She’s the author of numerous books for children and young adults, including the bestselling Missing, the award-winning A Swim in the Sea and The Book of Chance, and many, many more.

Her latest book is Pearly and Pig and the Great Hairy Beast. It's a junior fiction novel about Pearly Woe, who worries about everything and anything. Mostly, she worries that her worries will stop her from becoming a member of a top-secret adventurers' group called The Adventurologists' Guild. She is accompanied throughout the story by her sidekick, Pig.

In Episode 39 of Writers off the Page, Sue tackles the tough questions of being a children's writer, like how do you write for certain age groups if you aren't exposed to them. It can be tough to keep the voice authentic! If anyone should know, it's Sue. She writes across a number of age groups! Find out Sue's top tips in the above episode. Enjoy!


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