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Suzy Zail: Arabella's Alphabet Adventure

Suzy Zail has written YA novels about the Holocaust and the plights of women in Uganda. Her latest release is the picture book Arabella's Alphabet Adventure. She discusses how words have the power to change the world.

Once a litigation lawyer, specialising in family law, Suzy Zail is now a full-time writer, and the author of the memoir The Tattooed Flower and a number of YA novels, including The Wrong Boy, Alexander Altmann A10567 and I am Change.

She’s just released her debut picture book, published by Walker Books and illustrated by Christopher Nielson. It’s called Arabella’s Alphabet Adventure.

In episode 41 of Writers off the Page, Suzy shares the moving story that turned her into an author and why she's determined to use words to ignite change.


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